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  1. Planning for the Worst: The Emergency Info Sheet

    As part of my trip planning series, I wanted to add this in. Emergency management on a trip is a pretty broad topic, and this covers a VERY small aspect of the topic, but is none the less important.

    What happens if you seriously injure yourself while on the trail in a fall or vehicle accident? Hopefully you are conscious enough to tell your friends and first responders that you have a rare blood clotting disorder and are allergic to Penicillin. What if you are not conscious? Hopefully ...
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  2. Trip Planning: The Checklist

    Some adventures are best with as little planning as possible. These tend to make the best memories, but can often times be very stressful as well. Other adventures are best completed with a rigid itinerary resolved to the minute. Both have their purpose, and I have had two very memorable adventures using two very different ideologies. I have also had many experiences where no planning made for a miserable experience, and over planning left me bored.

    The Checklist

    The ...
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  3. So you want to drive the Mojave Road?

    The Mojave Road is probably the most popular expedition style off road attraction for most of California, Arizona, and Nevada.

    To do it, you will need a few basic items:
    A 4 wheel drive with 31" tires
    This book by Dennis Casebier (no affiliation)
    Enough water, food, and fuel for 3 days and 150-200 miles off road.

    So far, I ...