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Thread: Sierra Expeditions & Customer Service

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    Sierra Expeditions & Customer Service

    So I recently placed a small order with Sierra Expeditions. Just before I hit submit on the order I noticed the 'special instructions/comments' box. That sparked an idea. I then proceeded to ask..... 'Could you possibly draw an incredible picture on the outside of the shipping box?'

    Sometimes I do this. You know, Why not? So when I received the package, this is what I saw...

    Needless to say I was stoked. This is legit customer service if you ask me.

    Made it even better when Will posted this exact same thing on his facebook page. Haha.
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    Re: Sierra Expeditions & Customer Service

    Nice. I like the pizza box drawings that pop up on the internet.

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    Re: Sierra Expeditions & Customer Service

    sierra expeditions is a great place to buy from!
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