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Thread: Photo of Saturn

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    Photo of Saturn

    Saturn's rings are visible right now, if you have some magnification. This was taken with my Sigma 80-400mm lens. I know there are quite a few photographers here that could get a much better picture than this. Even at 400mm, the picture is still cropped at 100%.

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    that's cool!
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    Wow...that's awesome! I really need a better lens, mine only goes to 135mm.
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    I need to dig out my telescope
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    Wow! It is extremely superb and looking great. I know it would be very difficult to take the much better picture than you. You have done a great job. Keep it up. I also love to take pictures but i also don't have a lens like this.

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    Thanks! Unfortunately the lens is giving up the ghost. I bought it used and now the auto focus switch and the anti vibration mechanism doesn't work all the time. It's not that big of a deal though since it just acts like an old school lens now.
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    Nice picture Steve! Tripod or crazy fast ISO setting?
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    Hmm...I did this a while ago but if I remember correctly it was a long exposure on a tripod at a medium ISO. I couldn't go too high an ISO because I knew I'd have to digitally zoom in and that would have been much more noisy than this.
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    Thanks Steve, Sorry didn't notice this was a reply to an ancient post.
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