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Thread: electric cars catching on?

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    electric cars catching on?

    I count 19 Nissan Leafs, one RAV4 electric, one plug in Prius, two Ford Focus electrics and one Chevy Volt on the roof of a parking garage in Sacramento. I know there are five or six more Leafs plugged in on another floor. I think these things are catching on...

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    I see two or three leafs drive up the street in the evenings. I usually catch a couple of Teslas in the Wal Mart parking lot too (originally chargers for the EV1, they have since been converted to modern chargers).

    I see quite a few of the plugins on the roads around here too, and this isn't a super "green" or "blue" area. I like the idea, and if it fit my lifestyle, I would buy one.
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    I think leasing is the way to go on these, that way you aren't stuck with old technology when they figure out this battery (or ultra-capacitor) thing.

    The average cost to drive a Nissan Leaf is under 3 cents per mile. Numbers like that make a Prius look expensive to drive.

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    I think the green concept is more alive on the west coast vs anywhere else in the country. It's a growing trend here in Cali but the rest of the country not so much.

    If you're itching for one I'd say lease or get a diesel

    Sadly I have to say a bunch of my friends all have priuses (or is it pri or is it prius'? damn how you would you spell that correctly? lol)
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    Today the California Auto Museum opened its doors for the first day of the "It's Electrifying" exhibit featuring electric cars. It was fun to see how much enthusiasm there was for non-piston powered automobiles. I was really excited to see the original GM EV1, the car that started the electric car revolution. I thought they had all been crushed by GM, but apparently there are still a few of them around for museums. The history of the EV1 is interesting, with a lot of people suspecting a conspiracy between GM and the oil companies to keep electric cars off the roads.

    The Tesla Model S prototype was there as well. As beautiful as this car is, I think the production version looks even better.

    BMW Active-E 1-series

    Tesla roadster:

    The Leaf and the 2002 prototype Nissan to its left:

    The Leaf is significant because it is the first mass produced, affordable electric car. Over 100,000 Leafs have been sold world-wide.

    I also enjoyed the 80s sports cars section--a Delorean, Porsche 911 SC, Ferrari 308, Lamborghini Countach.

    Sorry for the crappy blurry pics. My dSLR is on loan and I couldn't get a decent shot from my point and shoot to save my life.

    I think the coolest thing about the event was how they had the museum arranged. It started with the transition from horses to the early motorcars (which basically looked like horse carriages with motors), then on to internal-combustion powered cars from the last century, then they talked about the transition to electric cars. It's cool to think that today may very well be a transition era from internal combustion to electric.
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    Thanks for the post! always super interesting to read about electric cars. It is still an option for my VW, provided I could get something better than lead acid batteries.
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    Only thing Ive seen around here were a few leafs, a tesla and quite a few prisuseseses (wtf is plural of prius???) No charging stations around me tho.
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    There are probably more charging stations around you than what you've noticed. Here's the greater Sacramento area, which isn't nearly as well supported as other metropolitan areas.

    In the past 3.5 weeks I've had the car, I have put 1,200 miles on it and I have only plugged in at home twice. 1,200 miles of driving would have been at least a couple hundred dollars in fuel in most any car.

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    I found online that in NJ there are about 20. Must be a west coast sorta thing.
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    Ken, has have you had any substantial changes in your home electric bill?

    I actually really like the idea of having an electric car for daily driver duties, along with an SUV for longer trips. I'd buy a Tesla if I could afford one, and I'm curious to see what their new cheaper car will look like.
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