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Thread: FOA shock review real talk

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    I hope so too. if they go south in a month of use I'm going to throw them in a river lol

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    It would probably be more fun to charge them with propane and gasoline then take them out to the desert and place them down range. Then maybe a Youtube video titled something along the lines of 'the only thing these shocks are good for'.

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    just an update on the rear 2.0" x 12 smooth bodies I bought. Short story they both leak...

    -one leaks from the shaft seal and weeps on the end caps of the reservoir

    -the other leaks from the reservoir ends and weeps from the shaft seal

    I knew I was in for bad luck with I found about a teaspoon of oil had leaked from one reservoir onto the table over three months. And yes the shocks are and were charged through all the leaking. FOA is just poorly assembled stuff. I have no doubt the parts are fine and I could rebuild them to be leak free, but I wasnt in the market for a "do it yourself" shock kit. Now just as the front shocks (they remain perfect after the factory rebuild by the way), I will have to dick with them sooner then later.

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    Par for the FOA course it seems. Bummer.
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    Crap man. That sucks.

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    yeah I kinda expected it, but crap. Best part is I have no desire to send then to FOA and go through that shit again.

    1100 views in 6 months...This is the word of mouth advertising they are reaping

    Some videos of common issues:
    incorrect oil fill aka slapped together as fast as possible

    end cap not even tightened aka slapped together as fast as possible

    Main shaft seal bad. aka never tested, just shipped with a prayer.

    Granted King shocks are quite a bit more expensive, but look at what they are doing. Take note that each shock is pressurized and left to sit for a few days to make sure there are no leaks. They understand that's a important enough step to make sure their shocks aren't F$%cked on arrival.
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    that's a big bummer Troy. Hopefully once they're rebuilt they'll be bulletproof!
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    I just finished rebuilding the rear shocks. First up there are metal shavings in the fluid. it looks to have all come from the machined aluminum parts. I found one burr still attached to the piston. Again this points to them being thrown together as fast as possible.

    From a design standpoint the piston was really well made. Alot of the shocks out there dont support the valve stacks very well and they can bend or break a valve. FOA has a nicely built one so long as you take the burrs and aluminum chips off it before install.

    internal parts are in a state of change. The wear band I have is different then the wear bands that came in the seal kit. I assume they are interchangeable but the new one will actually seal better. The wear band in my shocks will allow fluid to pass by and I attribute the .020 compression valving I have is to make up for that. I did however get the new style end caps with double o-ring seals. Alot of shocks out there only have one o-ring so that was a nice surprise. I'd guess they do this more to increase there odds of it sealing then to have a redundant seal, but its nice just the same.

    oh and on my first try I built two shocks that don't leak and filled them with the correct amount of fluid (they extend all the way on their own). I now have zero sympathy for the poor assembly of FOA shocks from the factory.

    Also get a nitrogen tank if you get these types of shocks. I cant tell you how many times I have used it now. These types of shocks are impossible to install/remove while charged. I also used the nitrogen to pop off the end caps rather then wrestle with them.
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    Glad you ended up with some quality parts and assembly, even if half that is your doing.
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    1998 Toyota 4Runner SR5 V6 4x4 + a bunch of goodies. Lifted, Locked, Illuminated and Armored. Winner,"Best Offroad Truck" - 2010 Pismo Jamboree. It's been upside down and still drives me to work.

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