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Thread: Good news! My shocks are leaking!

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    Looks great Steve. Were you always bottoming out or was that a result of the blown shocks?

    I've had a couple different configurations on my 3rd gen and all seem to ride pretty well, even when it was stock. Now I just have more travel and lift.

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    Also, thanks for the pictures and tech. I'm a picture guy but you sealed the deal with Excel.

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    Great post! That covered everything and a lot more than I usually do. I forgot to measure before and after on my "lift" but all I did was the 99 springs.
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    Over the last 10 years my writeups have gotten more thorough. This is basically what I do at work, I take extremely accurate measurements of things and test stuff. The excel data is nice because it's actual data. People can argue about opinions, but data is data. There's no arguing with data.

    After all those pictures, I realized I had forgotten 2 things. 1) To take nicely staged before pictures. Luckily I had a nice side shot from when I got the Duratracs a couple years ago. 2) to take length measurements of the front spring to prove that changing the "preload" doesn't actually change the amount the springs are compressed while at ride height.
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    Looks good man! I was going to comment and say how much I love my SS kit, but then I saw the post dates.... Haha.
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