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Thread: Going up!

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    Going up!

    I just found a guy up in LA selling a set of 33" MT's with 300 miles on them. I talked him down a bit and I'm picking them up this weekend. A 1" body lift is on it's way as well, so I'm stoked! I can't wait to get back out on the trail with the new setup (but first, I need to find some time to get it all installed)!

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    woohoo! whatcha rollin with now?

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    Maxxis Big Horn MT, 285/70-17, which are a solid 33". I was thinking of holding out for a set of 34's, but they would have needed a lot more work and a bigger body lift to fit, and might have required a regear. And the price couldn't be beat!

    These will give me a little more traction and sidewall. The body lift will help for clearance, but I'm going to need to do some more cutting, including the body mounts. The cutting shouldn't be a problem - it's just getting a filler piece welded back in that I'm going to need to figure out.

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    oh hell yeah! Going full MT and cutting/welding...I knew this day would come lol. How much cutting and welding is needed? I'll could give you a hand so long as you understand my welding is pretty ugly most of the time haha.

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    YAY! Looking forward to seeing it in action!
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    This is what needs to be cut and welded.

    I might take you up on your offer... Wanna help with a body lift? Beers would be on me, of course!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seanz0rz View Post
    YAY! Looking forward to seeing it in action!
    Me too!

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    Yeah that looks pretty easy. The body lift will be easy too. Will the tires hit that body mount on the street?

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    Don't think they'll hit on the street, but I'll definitely need to get it done before I venture off road. And there's plenty of other trimming to be done as well. Thinking I'll get them mounted up, trim the fenders, cut the mount and make a template to fill the cut first, then get the welding and body lift done a bit later.

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    It'll rub only on full lock with a lot of skinny pedal. Drive carefully and you'll be a-okay. Prob not trail worthy until you get a chance to take care of the clearance issue.

    =) happy modding!
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