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Thread: Going up!

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    Troy, do you have the ability to fab up the filler plates to weld in? I assume you do, since you made up all those custom brackets for your suspention. (So was that a dumb question???)

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    Sure can. I've got a bunch of steel plate here too in a few different thickness

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    Good deal! Are you around on the 13th?

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    I should be but I won't know for sure until next Friday due to overtime. I can let you know.

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    Yeah. I don't think we need to get too complicated with the cut. Maybe we do the body lift first then figure out how aggressive to go. I'm thinking a simple straight cut like on page 2 would be enough.

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    sounds good. do you have to mod your steering rag joint for the body lift? Anything else happen on the 4th gens? The problem is we'ed use a hi lift to lift the body. Its impossible to tell if you are just lifting the body or breaking something.

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    The kit I picked up has a steering rack extension. There might also be something else, but everything is included. I'll check over the directions and do some more research.

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    Well, the tires are on and the body lift and cutting is complete. Thanks a ton for the help Troy!
    It turns out we didn't really need to do the body mount chop after all. The tires are well forward of the mount and there shouldn't be any contact.
    As for the body lift, what was supposed to be a 4 hour job took at least double that. Moving the clamp on the steering rack proved to be the most difficult as it was fused in place and needed a torch to free it up. Other than that, it was pretty straightforward and we lucked out as both bumpers stretched to fit back on so no gaps are showing.
    Unfortunately, the new altitude the truck reached messed with its yaw sensor so my skid control wouldn't let me go over 8 miles per hour on our test run. A quick web search and a paper clip cleared that right up though!
    That new altitude also forced the temporary removal of my bike rack to get out of Troy's garage! Oh well, I wanted to relocate it up there anyway.
    And of course, pictures soon...

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    Glad it's done! Looking forward to seeing those 33's chew up some rocks!
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