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Thread: Going up!

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    pics or it didnt happen. these are forum rules : P

    Also nothing is more unsettling then a truck that wont drive over 8 mph after you have worked on it lol. That was crazy lol.

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    Seriously! I'm glad it was such an easy fix.

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    All this wasted white space should be filled with some pics Glad the truck was lifted and fixed though.
    98 3rz 4x4 5spd- Monstalined, 99 Talls, 4.30 E-locker, Extra Lights
    In Progress:
    Tundra/Rear Disc Brakes w/parking brake
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    she is lookin damn capable these days! I think that 1" gap on the sliders is perfect now. Those things will flex up with hits and eventually bend upward a bit.

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    Definitely. The sliders used to contact the body while flexing in the past but they should function correctly now.
    These pictures don't do the difference justice at all. Much taller looking now. With the much more aggressive tires, crawling and climbing should be much easier now.

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    Hey JD I just linked this post to a friend whos buddy just went 33". I actually thought you had 34" tires when you were at the house. You've got some tall 33" haha. Apparently his buddy is rubbing on one of the control arms, but I dont have any more info. Are you rubbing anything yet?

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    Yeah, they do seem pretty tall.
    No rubbing at all yet, although I haven't really had an opportunity to really flex it at all yet.

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    snow run tomorrow? I know your flat out over there, but I'll throw it out in case your plans changed

    9am at the big bear dump

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    Damn, sounds fun but I just got home a couple hours ago and I've got a bunch of stuff to take care of at the house before I take off again Sunday night. Have fun!

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