If you have a minute, its a pretty good read on the DV facebook page right now. Tons of pro-access people are debating the eco terrorists over backcountry access for vehicles of all kinds. The odd thing is the eco-terrorists are outnumbered on there own page (the DV page is quite hippie leaning)

The most well put statement I have ever heard on the matter was there. I almost want to make it into a bumper sticker.
It's almost funny how the elitists keep reverting to the false argument that OHV use damages the park. An OHV 2-track doesn't create any more resource damage than a hiker's single-track. Or for that matter, the burro's single-track, which you will find everywhere in DVNP. For every mile of OHV trails that are closed, the NPS, BLM, and USFS should also close a mile of hiking trails - maybe then the hypocritical elitists will feel the sting of recreational discrimination that the elderly, the disabled, the young, and other nature-loving backcountry OHV recreationists have suffered for decades.
Take a look around here and see how well spoken some of our own are making a case for pro-access. I hope this is a sign of change.