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Thread: FJ80, family hauler, and crawler.

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    FJ80, family hauler, and crawler.

    There's no spot for 97 and older Land Cruiser's, so I'll put this here...

    Finally got a Toyota 4x4 back in my driveway! I've been looking for the right Land Cruiser for a little while. I came across this one on craigslist, a couple weeks ago. It was built by Rocky at Marlin Crawler, who eventually sold it to his brother, Ryan. Ryan sold it to the PO, about a year ago. It was used for wheeling with his grandkids, and hardly any highway use. It has 152,000 miles on it, currently.

    Rocky's list of mods include...

    -Tube bumper in front, with a winch
    -3.11:1 Crawler gears
    -5.29:1 R & P
    -Full Detroit locker in the rear
    -Spartan locker in front
    -7 pin mod
    -Old Man Emu lift
    -SLEE upper links
    -37" MTR tires

    And the PO built a rear bumper/swing out

    It's seen a fair share of trails and rock crawling, but is in great condition overall. I changed the oil, with DELO and a Wix filter. The passenger front knuckle is weeping some gear oil, but I was given a Marlin Crawler service kit with the truck. I also found a set of used 37's, I'll be picking up as extras. The tires on it have a ton of rock abuse, so I'll run the best 5 out of both sets. Pics....

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    Some interior shots...

    CB radio works okay. I think I'll add a two meter, since a few guys are using them in my area.

    It has matching seat covers on all three rows...


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    My ammo boxes fit perfectly in the back. Very little side to side, or front to back movement, with the tailgate up. One box for tools/parts, and the other for recovery gear...


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    I found this steeker on the dash...

    I've met a few of the 4x4Him guys. Pretty cool bunch.

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    And under the hood...

    Not certain what brand the radiator is, but it looks like good quality. I'm going to clean under the hood next weekend, just to knock the dust off. No major leaks under there.

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    I added a flag mount for the upcoming Pismo Jamboree. I had an old aluminum CB antenna mount in my parts stash. Just bolted it to the upright on my tire carrier.

    That flag is waaaayyyyyy up in the air!

    I also mounted my Hi-Lift to the swing out. Then I added a bump stop to the bumper, to keep the carrier from slamming into the metal stop so abruptly. Works pretty well...


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    Nice rig, it looks like it will be a lot of fun. Plus you've got the rear seats. A few guys I know were having trouble finding them, at least for a decent price.

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    The third row seats were definitely a requirement. We have 4 kids, and counting. My 3 year old loves this thing. He calls it the monster truck.

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    Sweet truck and nice find!
    '96 4Runner SR5 4x4, manual, e-locker, manual hubs too. Stuff happened to it. Stuff is still happening to it.
    '99 4Runner SR5 Highlander, manual w/locker. Stuff is starting to happen to this one too...but not too much stuff.
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