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Thread: Happy Birthday to our very own SloSurfer!

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    Happy Birthday to our very own SloSurfer!

    Happy Birthday Buddy! Hope you do something awesome and better than working today.
    Hopefully it involves good beer, and great food and pictars for those of us far away!
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    1997 4Runner: GONE
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    Happy Birthday Chris.

    I think he's out hunting this week. Sounds better than work.

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    Happy birthday Mr. SloSurfer!
    '96 4Runner SR5 4x4, manual, e-locker, manual hubs too. Stuff happened to it. Stuff is still happening to it.
    '99 4Runner SR5 Highlander, manual w/locker. Stuff is starting to happen to this one too...but not too much stuff.
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    Sometimes guys like to be treated like princesses too!

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    I already said happy birthday on MyFacePlus. Isn't that enough?!

    Happy birthday Chris!
    2005 Lexus LX470 - Stock for now...

    1998 Toyota 4Runner SR5 V6 4x4 + a bunch of goodies. Lifted, Locked, Illuminated and Armored. Winner,"Best Offroad Truck" - 2010 Pismo Jamboree. It's been upside down and still drives me to work.

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    Happy Birthday! Hopefully your workday was better than mine.

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    Roof Rack/Rear Ladder
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