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Thread: Bfg ko2 265/70-r17

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    Bfg ko2 265/70-r17

    So after 4 years of driving with the Goodyear Duratrac's, I've gone back to the land of true All Terrains with the BFG KO2's in 265/70-R17. Link to the original Duratrac thread, here.

    On top of that, they weren't even on the truck for 24 hours before I got them dirty with a quick run to the desert for a little shooting. So far, so good with these new tires; they're much quieter than the duratracs, even when they were new.

    I'll be keeping track of my mileage and will report back in a little while. I want to see if the mileage drop I got from the duratrac were because of the more aggressive tread or the size increase from stock.

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    Looking forward to you experiences. I will be buying a set in 275/75r18 for the LX740. Hopefully by the end of the summer.
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    They looks good nice and dirty. I'll most likely be getting some by the end of the year. Mine KO's still have tread but they are getting old.

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    Looks good, Steve! I'll probably be buying another set sometime this summer or fall. I've put 60k on my current set, and I think I can get another 5k or so out of them.
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    That's good to know that they wear well. I'm slightly worried that they don't advertise a mileage warranty like normal tires.
    1993 4runner, SAS, 3.0L, Auto Tranny
    2007 4runner, stock. For now.

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    I'm liking them a whole lot more than the Michelin A/Ts and the BFG a/t, the old style. A little mpg decrease (approx 1mpg less vs the Michelin and about the same as the old BFG) and noise increase over the other two, but better traction on-road than both and a lot better wear off-road than the older BFG. According to I'm getting 15mpg average of last 5 fill-ups on and off road.
    Good to hear that 60,000+ number on wear, I've only got about 13,000 miles on mine so far and they look like I have many more to go.
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