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Thread: AR-15 vs AK-47 impressions

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    AR-15 vs AK-47 impressions

    Well as a little gift to myself for passing the dreaded project management professional test in late December and getting a nice $500 "bonus" from VW for their little TDI mistake AND a nice work bonus, I decided to finally build an AR-15. I finished it about 2 months ago, but I finally got an opportunity this weekend to zero it in. Crudely, but it's zero'd in. And yes, I spent way more than I intended So today on this great Memorial day, I went with my new friend up here in Northern Kalifornistan and went to the range for an hour or so to sight my red dot in. I decided to go with the full co-witness route instead of the lower 1/3rd.


    - 80% lower I got n bought from another forum member and a logo w/ fire control marks machined by a shop in El Monte, CA
    - Primary Weapons Systems 14.5" DI upper, 223 Wylde, Pinned FSC 556
    - Bravo Company MPI Bolt carrier
    - BCM Gunfighter Grip Mod 3 - Black
    - BCM Gunfighter VLTOR regular charging handle
    - BCM Gunfighter stock kit
    - BCM Gunfighter handguard inserts
    - Primary Arms Advance Micro Dot
    - Spikes Tactical lower receiver group
    - Magpul MS3 sling - black
    - Magpul MBUSII polymer back up sights
    - Magpul 10 round liberal progressive p###y mags

    I bought a bunch of front vertical grips/handmounts or whatever people are calling these from a short handled BCM one, Magpul's AFG2, to the simple Noveski plastic inserts. Right now i just have the textured BCM inserts to keep the heat to a minimum on non-gloved hands.

    So I've shot other's AR-15s a few times, but this one is different of course b/c it's mine. So just my 2 cents here: the AR-15 is a more precise tack driver for sure. AK-47 (I have the chinese version) is definitely the people's gun. If I were in an environment that didn't allow me the time to clean parts, I'd definitely go with an AK.

    AK is a little bit of a rougher shooting gun. I've owned one since 94. Everything about it is just not as precise. Well to be truthful, really imprecise. But the simplicity is what I really like about it. When I was building my AR, I was really overwhelmed by the number of parts that's built into it. I mean seriously, WTF is up with a buffer tube pin that blocks the progress of a buffer tube spring and buffer? many? 3? 4? Take down pins. My favorite? A detent spring and detent that makes or breaks whether your fire selector works or not. An AK? It's a flip of a piece of metal that internally blocks the trigger from moving at all. 1 part vs 3.

    Now it's not like I'm ever going to war or anything, but if I truly had to pick between the two, I'd definitely take the AK with a red dot.

    Speaking of red dots, wow, I went through a few mostly because the shit I was getting via Amazon was the worst. I got two units that had been clearly used and returned by the customers, but resold as new. Man oh man did I give Amazon some real "feedback" and they at one point pulled the vendor's ad and ability to sell. They found no evidence that the vendor was reselling used goods, but the pics I posted speak volumes. So I ended up buying directly from Primary Arms and sighting the Advanced Micro Dot was so easy. 1 coin, a few clicks, shoot 3, check, adjust, shoot 3 more, etc. By the 5th time, it was so dead on (from 50 yards), I placed 3 right in center mass. I'd say 1.5" group. My ghetto fab bench rest worked though. Maybe I could've gotten better results if I had a legit seat, table, rest, and spotter scope. I do plan to buy another one of these micro dots for my MAK-90. I'll be giving away my cheapo reflex Sightmark sight at some future date.

    Anyways, my thoughts still remain the same. I love the rifle, don't get me wrong. But practically speaking if the shit hit the fan. Or if Glenn from the Walking Dead gets eaten up and the producers needs a replacement, I'll be there to fill in with my MAK-90.

    Bash away if you disagree.
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    Nice build Bob. I ended up getting a Holosun 403C. I think it's similar to the Primary Arms except solar. I read reviews and shot a few and I'm really liking it.

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    I looked at the Holosun solar too but I was frustrated by the time I pulled the trigger on the one I bought. I'd love to check it out sometime.

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    Nice build.

    I want to build one eventually, but I feel like I never go shooting anymore.

    You got to put in any range time since May? How are you liking it?

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    Yeah it's the same here: finding time to shoot and especially in CA where I live, a place to shoot! The liberal parks commissioner here closed down the closest range, citing unsubstantiated claims that lead was contaminating the soil and "noise" concerns. They ran it through without consideration of public opinion and that was that. Welcome to Kalifornistan.

    I did have a chance to sight it in. I took a total of abour 12 shots w/ my sheriff friend. The first 3 were off, he took the next 3, and we determined the iron sights needed a little adjustment. Shot 3 and all was fine. Took another few to align the red dot and hit the last 3 shots within the bullseye. This was only from 50 yards, but shot from a card table with no bench rest!

    CA legislators pushed through some seriously limiting rules which will become effective in 2017. All I gotta say is civil disobedience.

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    Sign the petitions.

    Bob we need to get out some time. There a few spots between you and I and even more closer to me.

    Fenrisx, long time no read. Last I remember you were getting more into shooting. Did something change?

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    As an outsider looking in, that's seems to be the one big drawback of California. Other than that, I think it would be a really nice place to live -> water supply issues aside .

    I have a few indoor ranges close enough to me that will allow rifles depending on ammunition used. However, I've only shot my pistol there. I have a Ruger Mini-14 that my dad gave me that I've never fired! All the outdoor ranges are for clubs, and require you to be a member and volunteer time. Single parent with a 5 and 6 year old.. it's hard to volunteer time like that.

    Quote Originally Posted by 4x4mike View Post
    Fenrisx, long time no read. Last I remember you were getting more into shooting. Did something change?
    Mainly just a time and money thing. I bought a house last August, and between mortgage and alimony I had to prioritize what little fun money I had. Range time never seemed to win out. Alimony ends next month, and I just got a new higher paying job... so I'm hoping to actually get back into shooting this time. I've been saying I'm going to get a carry permit for years now. Time to do it! I was actually going to build an AR sbr earlier this year, but ended up using that money as a down payment on a motorcycle instead.
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    I remember when you got the Ruger. I didn't know you were juggling kids as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4x4mike View Post
    I remember when you got the Ruger. I didn't know you were juggling kids as well.
    It's not quite as hectic as I may have made it sound. Their mom has them every other weekend, and she keeps them during the day while I'm at work (although they're both going to be in school starting September).

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    Yup signed everything I got through NRA emails. Yes let's go shooting. I don't mind driving to go shoot. Outdoors is always good

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