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Thread: Frame rust on my 2000 SR5

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    Frame rust on my 2000 SR5

    Hey I just bought a 2000 SR5 for $5000. It only has 120k miles and the body is in great shape. The big issue with it is the rust on the frame. There's one hole in the frame I can see but the dealer mention two spots that should be welded.

    I'm in Buffalo NY so the salt around here is a frame killer. I found a southern frame for sale for $300 with no rust. I'm wondering if it's worth it to swap the frame. I have a family member with a garage that may be able to help out, but if not I have no idea how much a shop would charge.

    I can post some pics in the morning.

    Thank you!

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    When you say garage, do you mean a real repair shop with a lift or just a house with a garage? How much experience do you have working on cars? It's certainly doable, but it's a lot of work. It would probably take at least a month of solid weekends to finish, not to mention the hassle of all the rusted nuts and bolts that are going to break. Paying somebody to do it would cost a fortune.
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    Warning, this job is not for the faint of heart:

    I was a certified Toyota mechanic (have since left Toyota) and I am almost as familiar with the 4Runner as a blind person is to braille (that was a ha ha joke, dry I know, I am not that arrogant of a person, I promise you)

    Read over the thread and ask any questions you would like in it, a lot of Northeast guys are having frame issues and this and other options are going to be coming into play more now that they are getting older in years.
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    Thanks for the replies. I think I'm going to go get it welded and do the Rust Mort/POR15/Fluid Film treatment. It sounds like it's quite a job.

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    Mine started to rot on the bottom rail just like yours is, also check the inside of the rear lower control arm mounts, they tend to go easily too right there by the gas tank.

    After you get it all welded spend a good amount of time prepping the frame for the treatment, on the new frame I let the hose run for a good half hour down each frame rail and kept poking at the drain holes to try to get as much of anything out as I could.
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    I bought a Mercedes that had pretty bad rust. I swore i'd never buy a rusted car again and i haven't. i also said i'd speak of my rust rehab experiences with people asking about it. The pics seem to suggest a lot of internal (inside the frame) rust has occurred. The most challenging part is the rust between welded on mounts on the frame. even if you're able to get off the surface rust, what you don't see between those seams is going to be an issue. Knowing what i know about rust rehab and taking apart the suspension of a 4runner, you have probably a good 8 - 12 weekends of work.

    you'll definitely need a welder, grinder, dremel tool (yes, you will!), drill, lots of flap discs of misc grits, steel brushes for drill and for the dremel, lots of chip brushes, etc.

    So my advice is to buy a frame in good shape and then only rehab or salvage the hardware you have on the truck. email me if you want more detailed advice. i recall you donated to my server fund, so you have my email address.

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    Rust can be a real mo fo. $300 sounds reasonable illspirit.

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