Hello I'm new here but not a idiot and don't need people telling me Oh that not how stuff is supposed to work you should sell your setup and get what's made for you vehicle...anyways I have a 97 4runner and I have a set of 15 inch wheels and the reason I'm against getting rid of them is they are 12 inch wide I already have the lift installed the tires and wheels mounted and on the vehicle.my problem and I knew it was going to happen is mine came with 16 inch wheels obviously bigger calibers and such so at first I went and got the 15 inch setup rotors and calibers rotors went right on but the flange on the new caliber was way way to short wouldn't even come close so I the figured I wasn't out much by grinding on the factory caliber like I've seen so I did and got the wheel to fit but still was barely hitting and wouldn't spin freely so my dad jumped on the grinder 1 more time and at that point it went to far and ruined that caliber so my question is how do I make this work everything is so close but I'm obviously not getting the right combination of things here at this point do I need to just get a specific caliber or change lower control arms out or what? Any help greatly appreciated