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Thread: Are all tires E-rated these days?

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    Looks Great, much more aggressive stance. Has that I need to run a state border to border off road kind of look.

    So have you decided to keep it or are those just to bolster the sale price?
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    It will probably be around for awhile. I drove and didn't like the 4th gens and the 470's didn't get me much room. I really considered both and found one of each that I thought of buying but stepped away. With these new tires I'll be good for another 60,000 miles on the 3rd gen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slomatt View Post
    Did you just pull the panel under the seat, then pull the pump, and knock the dent out from the inside? I keep meaning to get around to that.
    On the 3rd gens and up, they only make the access panel under the seat large enough to disconnect the electrical connectors from the pump assembly. You unfortunately have to drop the tank to get the pump out.

    I remember my first tank got to the point where it was holding just about 12 gallons....
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    BFG AT is oftentimes compared with Toyo tires open country AT. Which is better? I think both aren't E-rated. Anybody here who can give feedback on these brands?

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