Thanks Steve, That fire, a bottle of wine and some moderate quality bourbon made for a great evening.

Somewhere about a year or so ago I had some pretty bad death wobble. Kept thinking it was the tire balance but turned out to be the front shackles had worn an oval groove in place of the hole. Cut them off and drilled a new hole and that seemed to solve my immediate problem. As with almost every SA issues Roger Brown describes the problem and sells a solution. Might pick those shackles up one day.

I did replaces both sets of springs a few years ago ago but I will crawl under and check the bushing this weekend, thanks for the heads up. I actually broke one of the front springs on a death valley trip a few years back.

I can't seem to decide if I am going to keep or get rid of the 4runner. I really like having a vehicle that has a 5speed, I can repair, and don't worry too much about damaging. I did drive my friends 4th gen for a while but had to step out for fear of not wanting to go back to my 2nd gen. I know my rear shocks are toast and will be replacing those soon, fronts were really bad when I replaced them a few months ago. Need to get ready for Mike's Sierra trip this summer (Hint).