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Thread: Utah Trip 4-24-17 to 5-5-17

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    Thanks Steve, That fire, a bottle of wine and some moderate quality bourbon made for a great evening.

    Somewhere about a year or so ago I had some pretty bad death wobble. Kept thinking it was the tire balance but turned out to be the front shackles had worn an oval groove in place of the hole. Cut them off and drilled a new hole and that seemed to solve my immediate problem. As with almost every SA issues Roger Brown describes the problem and sells a solution. Might pick those shackles up one day.

    I did replaces both sets of springs a few years ago ago but I will crawl under and check the bushing this weekend, thanks for the heads up. I actually broke one of the front springs on a death valley trip a few years back.

    I can't seem to decide if I am going to keep or get rid of the 4runner. I really like having a vehicle that has a 5speed, I can repair, and don't worry too much about damaging. I did drive my friends 4th gen for a while but had to step out for fear of not wanting to go back to my 2nd gen. I know my rear shocks are toast and will be replacing those soon, fronts were really bad when I replaced them a few months ago. Need to get ready for Mike's Sierra trip this summer (Hint).
    93 4runner - 3.0 5spd
    2005 LandCruiser

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    After finally finishing up the front bushings, I've moved to the back only to find my 6 ton jack stands aren't tall enough. I know I've done it before, back when I still lived in CA, but I can't remember how I did it. I must have used some 4x4's underneath the jack stands. For the front shackles, I did notice the holes were starting to ovalize so thanks for the heads up on that. The wife wants me to sell it since I don't drive it anymore, but I've never gotten around to it, plus it sure is nice to have a backup vehicle if I have to work on one of the others.

    I'll tell you what, having the power of the 4.0 V6 sure is nice and the low end torque is incredible. I have much more control while getting over an obstacle than I did with my 3.0 V6 and auto tranny. Also, after wheeling a solid axle truck, I find myself driving the 4th gen in the same way I drove the old truck...that is, not caring what's in front of me and just driving over it! I have to be more careful about ground clearance, but I just don't care anymore! Haha.

    I'm not sure about any overnight trips in the near future. Our dog is getting pretty old and we can't really leave her overnight anymore. Miki and I both miss the sierra's though!
    1993 4runner, SAS, 3.0L, Auto Tranny
    2007 4runner, stock. For now.

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    Haven't got around to checking my suspension and bushings yet, hopefully this weekend.

    No surprise your 6 tons don't have enough height, I have a pair of HF 12 tons that I made 3" platforms for. They work really well for everything on my truck. I think I lucked into a super-sale paid like $40 for them.

    I drove my friend Joe's 4th gen for a while on our trip. I had to stop for fear of not wanting to go back to my truck. It was supper cushy and soaked up the rocks like I couldn't believe, kind of felt like driving a couch. Night and day from my truck, but when we came to the hard stuff I was faster and didn't need to worry about choosing a line.

    I'm torn about selling my truck but I think I am convinced I am going to put it up for sale once I fix a few problems like the 2 rust spots, oil leak and shredded front bumper. I daily drive my truck and love that no one messes with me on the road, the fact that I can fix almost anything that goes wrong, and I love driving a 5 speed speed. Offroad I love that I don't need to worry about much other than the high CG. I think if I can get enough for it I will sell it and move to the LC and give up any aspirations of doing the Rubicon one day, if I cant get $$$ for it I'll stick with it for a while, luckily I have a short commute to work.

    Sorry t hear about your dog, hopefully she stays healthy for a few more years.
    93 4runner - 3.0 5spd
    2005 LandCruiser

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    Why don't you plan a Rubicon trip? We'd love to have some of the So Cal guys up here. I'm about 70 miles from the trailhead and while I won't take my 4Runner on it I'll ride shotgun. I think Troy and a few others were always wanting to try it. After our epic winter it's still under snow but will be prime soon.

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    Thanks Mike,

    The issue is that I need to put in at least a 4.7 case to do the trail and I haven't found anyone to go with. If there is interest I'd consider making ready for it.

    Anyone up for a Rubicon Trip?
    93 4runner - 3.0 5spd
    2005 LandCruiser

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