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Thread: JD's rig

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    JD's rig

    I posted this elsewhere, but I figured I'd post up here as well:

    I finally finished my sleeping platform/fridge slide and took it out for 6 nights in Death Valley. It might have worked TOO well, since I found myself waiting around every morning while everybody packed up their stuff!

    Back, all closed up:

    The drawer has enough room for all my cooking supplies plus any non-perishable items.


    The passenger side has a shelf for a case to hold all my loose camping and recovery gear, with extra space around it for extra stuff. All long items, like chairs, etc, go across the floor.

    Sleeping platform:

    I simply let a little air out of my mattress and fold it up with the pillow and sleeping bag inside, then strap it down:

    The whole thing breaks down into 3 sections making removal much easier. Also, I can install just the fridge slide/drawer section and still run the back seats.

    It didn't come out perfectly, but I'm very happy with the results!

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    That is a nice setup, well done.

    Curious what you used for the drawer slides on the fridge and stove, where you got them and what they cost?

    Any pics of the death valley trip?
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    I used these on a recent prototype for work. They were great!

    Not a bad source for hardware either. I would use them in the future. Seems they had plenty of stock and shipped pretty quickly (not Amazon quick, but fast for everyone else).

    Looks great JD! looking forward to seeing it in person!
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    Here's a whole write up on the DV trip:
    I was out there for 6 nights and pretty much covered every corner of the park. I met up with Marc @boyfester and some others for 3 of those nights.

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    And these are the slides I used for the fridge: Firgelli Automations 32" Inch Guide Rail - 400lbs Capacity
    They're longer than the fridge but a perfect length to get it all the way out of the trunk so the lid can swing fully open. Then I used a cheap pair of slides for the counter: GlideRite Platinum 22" Push Open Ball Bearing Drawer Slides Full Extension FT45001-22 (1)

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    Looks great JD but I'm surprised it doesn't have a built in crockpot and coffee maker.

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    Haha, me too!

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    Thanks for the slide links JD and Sean, I have aspirations of finishing my draw system some day...

    That trip report was great (less the dead donkey picture) looks like a good time was had by all. Curious what you thought of the southpark trail, that is one of the few trails in DV that I haven't done. Wondering how high on the list I should put it?
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    JD's rig

    The Pleasant Valley / South Park loop was definitely a good time. Middle and South Park are kind of cool to check out - especially Roger's pass and the viewpoint down into Butte Valley - and South Park canyon is a fun challenge. If you can claim the cabin there, huge bonus, as it's as luxurious as you'll find in DV.
    I'd definitely suggest hitting it and would certainly do it again.

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