I've had some driver side noise going over bumps for some time. My LBJ's and outer tie rods were replaced a couple of years ago and everything seems tight, with one exception.

With the front end off the ground I can get a slight amount of play when holding the wheel in the 3 and 9 o'clock positions (no popping). When I do this the steering rack itself does not appear to me moving. The 12 and 6 o'clock are solid and have no movement. The passenger side is solid in all positions. Could this be the inner tie rod?

I found this video online and it doesn't seem all that conclusive. I'm sure both sides of my rack would droop. The only ones I feel wouldn't would be over tight grimey use-to-tune Moog inners.

With 190,000 miles on the clock I'm sure they have some wear and I haven't touched them in over 100,000 miles. I'm just wondering if I should be looking at something else at the same time. I have a Total Chaos steering rack bushing kit on the shelf but have never installed it as the bushings have always appeared fine. Perhaps I should toss those in as well.