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Thread: 100W Solar Panel Deals and Steals

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    100W Solar Panel Deals and Steals

    Amazon has a promo on the Suaoki 100W Solar Panel for $100!

    Promo Code L7V8AVBD

    It's a flex panel so it'll be just lay anywhere and flex up to 30 degrees. Not bad if you ask me.

    Here's the specifications:

    * Optimal power [Pmax]: 100W(5%)
    * Working voltage [Vmp]: 18V
    * Working current [Imp]: 5.62A
    * Short circuit current [Isc]: 5.97A
    * Open circuit voltage [Voc]: 21.6V
    * Dimensions: 1100*570*2.5mm/43*22*0.09inch
    * Net weight: 2.5kg/88oz
    * Working Temperature:-40~+85℃

    I've got a different one that's a 100w but it's a rigid version. Prices has come down quite a bit so if you've been thinking about it this might be a great buy!

    Happy Shopping!
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    That's a great deal (although it appears to be over). I have a similar flat flex panel but under a different name. It's far easier to transport and handle than a traditional aluminum framed panel. I have a framed 100w panel but it lives on the house and isn't moved around. My flexible panel is my portable panel and I mounted 65lb magnets on the corners and use it on the roof of the 4Runner or my wife's Pilot to power my fridge.

    It's so flat it's not visible unless you're super tall or stand up on a tire. It just spent 10 days on the roof during our Southern CA trip and it worked great. I don't need another 100w one but would use a 50 watt-er. For some reason they don't make a 60 watt model like the traditional framed models.

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    Damn. Missed out. Could use one for a potable unit for when I park in the shade and the hard mount one doesn't get much sun
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