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    Thanks Lance. The bulbs are Cougar something from Amazon. They were only like $40 and honestly I am just giving them a try. There were many reviews and it seems guys are having good luck with them so I figured why not. I was wanting to go HID but it was far less plug and play.

    The bulbs I took out were factory bulbs and very warm in temperature and didn't put out much light. Since these housings have projectors I decided to give it a try. I haven't done the squirrel mod but apparently it's a mod to crispen the cutoff line. I've never had a cut off line but so far I'm impressed and happy with what I've got. Sean's been spoiled with highend projectors and appears to have different results with his factory housings.

    I've got a guy coming to look at the 3rd gen tonight so wish me luck. There are a lot of low priced, barely half way decent 3rd gens on the market which is making mine hard to sell.

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    Well, the old girl is gone. While it was kind of nice having two 4Runners in the driveway for a bit I can only drive one. I sold it for my asking price which is the same price I bought it for 10 years and 1 month ago. I put 110,000 miles on it and it was a lot of fun. I sold it to a gentleman that lives about 2 miles away and bought it to replace his '96 3rd gen that had 501,000 miles on it.

    He'd put an engine and 2 transmissions in his old one and was looking to start anew. I was stoked to get my price and even more stoked that it went to an enthusiast. He said he bought his '96 with 60k on the clock and all of the miles were adventure miles. Needless to say my old girl is in for a ride.

    I've gotten a few texts with pictures about specifics (i sold it with the York, AirLift bags and Blue Sea components). It's neat that he's poking around and making it his. He hopes the next picture I get is it in Death Valley.

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    Always good to hear that it went to someone who will care for it!

    Now on to the new one!
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    I've already moved on.

    I've installed a Blue Sea and wired up two 12v ports, two USB ports, CB, VHF/UHF and fridge power socket. Installed v-LEDs in all of the interior lights. Done the 12v power and fog light mod. I also ordered my lift, sliders, front skid, front bumper (insert) and light bar. Once it's up in the air and on the dirt I'll be able to start fine tuning some things and I'm looking forward to that. We've got our first trip in a week and I'm looking forward to getting some miles on her.

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    Mike, Congratulations on the new runner!

    I had thought you had given up on the 4th Gen so I was surprised when I saw this. Sounds like a good decision and that one looks like a great find. Can't wait to see the build pictures or maybe the rig in person on a Death Valley run.
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