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Thread: New members roll call!!!

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    Re: ROLL CALL!!!


    good talking with you today. As oft said, thank you for protecting us!


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    Re: New members roll call!!!

    greg from socal. loving yotas for as long as i could remember. first truck was a 88 long bed yota truck. sold her and got a 2000 tacoma (girlfriends daily) and recently aquired a 02 4runner. if i had more money they would both have superchargers and lt suspension for now, both are mostly stock.

    oh and my company provided vehicle is a 1999 rav4 EV (similar to this)
    2002 4runner sr5<br />2000 tacoma prerunner

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    Re: New members roll call!!!


    I was on yotatech under the same user name. Normally posted in the Audio/Video/Electronics section helping folks out. Bob introduced me to this forum =)

    Currently an E-4 in the USAF deployed at the moment. Hope I can start participating!
    Your doing enough, protecting our rights, liberties and freedoms, Thank You
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    Re: New members roll call!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by 04 Rocko Taco
    hahaha, I bet Cody would say that too.
    There is no way i told you to hit that rock. lol. Cody's running boards you can probably blame me for, but not this.
    Even though this is super old, and it appears Matt doesn't come on here anymore... I do believe you had nothing to do with that Chris, lol. My running boards are a diff story... jk.

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    Re: New members roll call!!!

    Wat up everybody my name is Tim live in phx,Az my ride is a 93 4 runner v6 4wd. I'll have pics up soon. Usally four wheel behind lake pleasant. Any other suggestions of good trails in az.
    Live fast, ride faster or shut the fuck up and go home

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    Re: New members roll call!!!

    Old as hell thread, but I wanted to say hey. I got a 1981 yota 4x4 that I may have some questions for.
    ---------------------------------------------<br />&#39;81 Pickup 22R <br />3&#39; suspension lift front/3&#39; blocks rear<br />Custom front bumper w/milemarker 8k <br />35x12.50x15 Nitto Graplers

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    Re: New members roll call!!!

    Welcome! This is an on-going thread so its all good. Im sure someone here can answer any of your questions you have, or you might even be able to search it to see if its not already here.
    96 4Runner SR5 S/C - 03&#039; Tacoma coils 3&#039;&#039; Toytec Spacer lift with 1&#039;&#039; Diff Drop. 3 1/2&#039;&#039; Downey Rear lift Coil Springs.<br /><br />285/75R/16 Goodyear MT/R.<br /><br />URD Fuel Kit

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