I really don't understand this? We have all seen the little Kawasaki Mules, John Deer 6x6, and various other off road small open cab 4X4's.

These things range in price from $6000-$15000 or more, just for the base options! I know they are compact but when you get right down to it a person can buy a used Toyota model 8501, for $4-5000, with a 5-sp, air cond. power steering, a heater. (here in the mid west your gonna need it,) and have a full sized rig to haul. Spend a few bucks on it and put a flat/tilt bed on, Add some 12- 14 ply tires. Put a clear acrylic snow plow on and have 5 times the rig of one of those small two side by side off roaders!!!

The 8501 model is Toyota's 4X4 Short WB short bed pick-up with a FEI 4 CYL. and a two speed transfer case. All Vinyl floor and cloth covered seat base truck,

It will mostly go were ever any of those others can size wise. Plus out preform the others as far as off road capability hands down.... Just doesn't make any sense to me.... TJ