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Thread: looking for a mountain bike

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    looking for a mountain bike

    Alright guys, I am looking to get into mountain biking. I want something that I can use for a while. I do not do any sort of crazy hopping and nor do I go off any sweet jumps. I like the idea of full suspension but not sure if I would use it. i want to spend as little as possble...any suggestions?

    I dont want to buy anything cheap as well....some brands people have told me to get are specalized, gary fisher, and trek....
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    Re: looking for a mountain bike

    A decent hardtail should do you fine even on rougher trails, depending on your idea of rougher. Just gotta pick your lines a little better. I'd sure rather have a decently decked out hardtail over a cheaply spec'd bobbing heavy full-suspension.
    All three of those companies have decent stuff from entry level on, I've currently got a $450 trek rigid (35# heavy, came with cheesy shifters), a $700 trek steel hardtail (27# a decent bike with ok specs, I just replaced parts with better quality as the old stuff wore out, not the lightest thing around but not cumbersome), and a $3000 pre-trek Gary Fisher aluminum hardtail (22# light, fast, not as comfortable a ride as the steel). My husband's got an Ellsworth Truth full-suspension (nice bike, very little bob when climbing, has broken 2 rear triangles and the front and that's on regular singletrack, expensive) and a cannondale hardtail with a stupid, annoying headshock. That middle-road trek's been a decent bike once I put a shorter stem on it. Of course, if the bike doesn't fit you it isn't worth it. You're going to have to try some stuff out to get an idea on what best fits your body. Kona, Trek/Fisher, Specialized, there's more. 29r's could take a little of the bump out, but it severly limits your choices, I'm told are kind of pricey, and really isn't necessary. Aluminum is lighter and stiffer but steel isn't as hard on your body.
    All my mountain bikes are 10-16 years old so I'm a little out of the loop on what's available these days.

    So go, do some test riding, get familiar with what comprises a decent set of components-you know, that line between what works and keeps working nicely and what is just weight savings and bling. Don't go so cheap it gives you constant troubles to the point of making mountain biking a pain, something a little up from an entry level bike, maybe.
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    Re: looking for a mountain bike

    thanks for the advice!!!

    So far, I have been looking at craigslist for some used mtn bikes. I am not sure that I will be going too hardcore so full suspension may not be the best route...but im sure it would be nice to have.

    What does everyone else ride?
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    Re: looking for a mountain bike

    it sounds like you want to go with X-country fame/setup. Hardtails can be had with much better componants for less than a full suspension with only entry level stuff on it.

    I used to run hardtails but my back was taking a beating and the designs of the rear suspensions have come a long way and peddle bob and overly heavy fulls are not a problem anymore.... if you are willing to pay.

    I am riding an 2004 Specialized FSR Comp that has Fox front and rear shocks that both have lockouts which is nice because it can ride just like a hardtail if you want it to. Then since it came with disc ready hubs I converted it to Avid cable disc brakes which I really like a lot.

    Craigs list is not a bad way to go but I think a better source is to get in with a local bike shop and ask the local ride crew if anyone has anything for sale. There is always some bike gear head getting ready to swap up to the next best rig coming out. Makes it a win win. And you get it from someone that may take you on some cool rides and then help you set up the bike properly. Proper seat, brake handle/tension and handle bar set up is so critical to enjoying a bike.

    Let us know what you get.
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    Re: looking for a mountain bike

    i got a specialized rockhopper (hardtail) in may. i really love it. i took it to colorado this summer and if i lived there, i would really rather have a full suspension, but between mainly arkansas and texas, it's fine for me. i'd rather change more flat tires than spend another $700 for the rear suspension.

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    Re: looking for a mountain bike

    I vote for definitely going to a bike shop to get set up. I work at a bike shop and fit people to bikes everyday. We sell Giant, GT, Schwinn (ew), Redline, Haro, Mongoose (ew). I would vote for Giant. I have the the XTC 2 which only retails at $650-700 and has pretty good stuff on it (Sram not Shimano). But for sure go to a bike shop unless you have been riding most your life and know what fits you.

    Whatever route you take and no matter what bike you get, just go out and ride!
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    Re: looking for a mountain bike

    2nd/3rd on visiting your local bike shop (LBS). Ask around some people who ride for recommendations of shops. You should look into past year models to save $$. It sounds like you will be happy with a mid level setup. I am just exiting this stage and building up a 29er at the moment. It can be expensive but is a better "waste" of money than many other not so healthy hobbies. Look into Kona, Gary Fisher, and Surly. I have an older Raleigh that is just OK, you would be doing yourself a favor to get a bike that is a step up from the rest of the run of the mill big box store bikes (pre built, low end components, cheaper materials, etc).

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    Re: looking for a mountain bike

    well guys, i just bought an Iron Horse Hollowpoint MKIII sport from performancebicycles.
    o Frame - 5" Travel Dw-Link Trail
    o Rear Shock - Manitou Radium R Air 7.5"X2"
    o Fork - Manitou Black Comp, 130mm Travel
    o Handle Bar - Truvativ XR Riser, 31.8mm Clamp
    o Stem - Truvativ Xr, 31.8mm Clamp
    o Headset - FSA Orbit Z, Zerostack
    o Pedals - Crank Bros Candy C Clipless

    I got it for 860...what do you guys think?

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    Re: looking for a mountain bike

    Looks like a good bike for the money. I know the front fork is good but don't have any experience with the rear shock. Manitou makes good stuff though.

    I know lots of people are into the hydraulic disc brakes but those Avid mechanical disc setup do really well.

    What shifters/derailleurs does it have?
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    Re: looking for a mountain bike

    they have shimano deore and sram pretty excited about it!

    Now its to freakin cold to ride!
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