ARB E-Z Tire Deflator

Sierra Expeditions

Boy does this tire deflator mean business!  I aired down all 4 of my tires in less than 7 minutes (35 to 15 psi).  I first saw this deflator in action in CO.  I watch one of my friends air down his tires in minutes.......My Sun Performance, Air Deflators were not getting the job done!.......After a while...they started to stick to each other and that's when i called Sierra Expeditions up and Wil send me the ARB deflator......A few months ago......Up at the trailhead........Their was many other 4wheelers wondering what i had airing down my tires!.....I even showed a guy how to used it and off he went!....He was sold after that......using the back of his tire gauge to air down his tires gotten very old after the ARB deflator demo!

This ARB E-Z Tire Deflator is in my opinion is the best bang for your buck!  I'm sold!

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