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Thread: Bike Rack

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    Re: Bike Rack

    94 4Runner, SR5 3.0V6, 4WD, 5spd: SOLD<br />99 4Runner, SR5, 3.4L 4WD, 5spd.&nbsp;&nbsp; full SS 1.2 lift, RedLine Fluids, Marline Shifter seat, BruceTS rear bumper, roof busket, Marlin 1200 Clutch, hitch mount tire carrier, Tundra brakes, Brembo rotors.&nbsp; Stubb&#039;s sliders, Lightforce 240, ARB Taco bar, BruceTS rear bumper, stainless steel skid plate.&nbsp; ScanGaugeII, Hankook AT 265/75 LC80 wheels.<br />04 4Runner, V6 SR5 4WD, 3rd Gen. LTD wheels, BFG AT 265/75, FJC coils and silver Bilstein shocks, Scion H/U.

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    Re: Bike Rack

    Revive thread....back to liiiife

    I made my own interior rack with a piece of wood and 2 fork mounts but depending on the bikes I get rubbing on handlebars or the top roof of the 4Runner. I angled the mounts to avoid handlebar interference but this results in other issues. I saw some roof rack mounts on my local CL and was tempted but I don't relish the balancing act of climbing up to mount the bikes nor the loss of mpg. I had a hitch rack (Thule) that sucked pretty bad. Bike would shimmy and rub against each other while you drove resulting in pretty serious paint and frame wear.

    Right now I'm thinking I should hold out for a Yakima Swing Daddy although I have yet to see it on a decent sale. Other than that another Yakima hitch model might be the solution I am looking for. One of the tray versions that holds bikes by the wheels and not the top tube would be a plus. I have a 29er mtn bike which is a problem for some of these type of racks.

    Anyone come up with a better or different solution than the ones mentioned above? I can keep my own bike inside with my DIY rack but the tire just flops around and I would like to be able to carry at least 2 bikes easily.

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    Re: Bike Rack

    Here is what I use inside the vehicle.
    [img width=800 height=600][/img]

    It's main purpose was to hold 2 road bikes inside of our Subaru. The interior isn't huge and our 2 bikes fit perfectly. Mountain bikes (depending on the height of the fork ad width of the bars) don't do well inside of that car. There is much more room in the 4runner though and I have had 2 road bikes as well as 2 mountain bikes on it with no problem. The bottom is a metal threashold from home depot and I mounted 2 fork mounts and Yakima tire holders on it. The tire holders are nice because without them you tend to stack other stuff on top of the wheels.

    The swing out hitch racks are expensive. So are the ones that hold the bike by the wheels. The wheeling holding ones are nice if you are carrying all kinds of bikes but they have too much plastic on them for my liking.

    I have one of these cargo baskets that I have also mounted fork mounts to. It's solid and I have extra room to hold gear. For short trips I don't mind using the roof (typical use is 2-3 times a week)

    [img width=800 height=600][/img]

    but for long trips I put them inside or on the back.

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    Re: Bike Rack

    Thx for your reply (and pics!) Is your interior metal bar mounted in any way to the floor? My wooden beam shifts around big time unless I secure it with webbing through the 4 tie down loops. The problem is my bike takes up all the available front to back room and has wide handlebars, I think I could fit 2 road bikes in w/o issue. 2 mountain bikes have not played nice for me so far.

    I like the interior option b/c it's relatively cheap and I can keep the bikes locked up in there should I go for lunch after a ride or decide to keep the bike in there for the following day etc.

    Mountain bike handlebars don't clash with your current setup? Mine must be really wide

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    Re: Bike Rack

    The bottom isn't attached in anyway. The threshold I bought came with rubber ribbing that seems to hold on the carpet. I've never had a problem with it although it's used in the car more. In the car there isn't any room for the bikes to move around. My normal mountain bike is a single speed with wide bars and stubby bar ends. The nice thing about it is the TALAS fork that can be adjusted height wise. I would suggest stagering the fork mounts so the handlebars don't hit.

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    Re: Bike Rack

    i use a thule 2 bike hitch mounted rack... super quick and easy to load two bikes onto it. only thing i didnt like is how the front handles and wheel will flop around when you corner, so i take a bungie cord and wrap it around the front tire and clip it to the pedal or water bottle holder. this is for MTBs though
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    Re: Bike Rack

    If I get a good internal setup I'll post some pics. There was a thread on one of these Toyota forums where a guy mounted fork mounts to the back of his seats at an angle to help with the handlebars hitting etc. I find it harder to put the bike in front-first but thats how he did it.

    I think a decent hitch rack would fit the bill nicely although I would have to find a decent deal. Another thing is if you drive muddy roads the bikes get super muddy and are exposed to whatever weather is out there.

    Thx for the feedback

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    Re: Bike Rack

    Finally got some pictures of my rear mount. I have a Yakima 2 bike carrier but I don't like how it holds on to the top tube. I use this instead. The nice thing is that it's useful for other stuff as well.

    [img width=800 height=600][/img]

    [img width=800 height=600][/img]

    [img width=800 height=600][/img]

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