Introducing the BajaBuster, 3-in-1 multi recovery tool; it's a Jack Handle, Hoe, and Shovel! $49.95 at Sierra Expeditions!

The new BajaBuster is a multi-use excavation tool for your 4x4 that combines 3 tools in a single compact tool. The BajaBuster combines a shovel, a hoe and an ergonomically designed jack handle that can be used with the Hilift Jack.

The BajaBuster features a durable finish and all steel construction, detachable shovel and hoe attachments. The handle is available in a 28" length of thick walled tubing with a 10 degree bend at one end. The shovel and hoe are 10 gauge steel and approximately 6" x 9" welded to 1", thick walled tubing. Shovel and hoe are quickly detached via 1/4" hardened hinge pins. Limited lifetime warranty.

The BajaBuster is very durable and yet light weight to carry on or in your rig. It's heavy enough to take beating and ideal for digging out of a tight spot on the trail.

BajaBuster $49.95 + Shipping