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Thread: Post your bike collection

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    Re: Post your bike collection

    Quote Originally Posted by habanero
    And the madness begins...(ok, so with that many bikes you're already solidly involved)....

    What do you have in mind for a roadie? What are your plans for it?
    hah and ive seen all of those in person too, its like a garage from a bike shop lol.

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    Re: Post your bike collection

    I think the double vs triple is going to be the hardest decision to make. Some of my friends may stop talking to me if I get a triple, but it seems like it would be a nice thing to have when you've already ridden 65 miles and hit that 14% grade. Apparently the doubles have a better chain line and therefore will almost always shift nicer. I think I'm leaning towards the double, but I know there will be that 0.5% of the time that I cuss myself for not getting the triple.

    I love passing road bikers on my mountain bike. In my daily commute home, I keep coming across this roadbiker that squeezes himself between me and idling cars so he can be in front of me when the light turns green. That would be fine if he really was faster than me, but he's slower than a one-legged vietnam vet on a beach cruiser with two flat tires. I always pass him within a few seconds of the light turning green and he hasn't caught up to me once. So the other day I got a case a "bike rage" and squeezed him out (like he does to me when he approaches the light). I can't believe how rude some people are.

    Anyways, yes, I'm calming down now...ah...

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    Re: Post your bike collection

    The WCF is circa 1996 and some in 97. I had a 97 that had a Q21R fork, grip shift and the original LX v brakes. It was my understanding that a lot were warrantied or recalled due to the steel rusting and braking were it met the "carbon fiber." It's a good bike that was built under the then standard NORBA geometry. That geometry is why I still have and ride my shifting Specialized hardtail. As for the double and triple I'd get the standard double if most of your time will be on the bike trail. The 53 tooth is much better than a compact 50. I like my compact because I ride longer rides that tend to have a lot of climbing but I'm cross chained heavily on the bike trail. I've done 2 Death Rides and quite a few 100 milers that have more climbing per mile than the Death Ride. Saturday will be Bishop which means 200 miles and climbing and the compact will be fine. If you have to bail out to a 30 tooth you'll loose all kinds of forward momentum and spin out and get tired.

    Let me dig up some bike pictures.

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    Re: Post your bike collection

    Ok lets try to add the picture.

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    Re: Post your bike collection

    These are the bikes my wife and I had right before we moved.
    They are as follows from left to right:
    1) Electra Hawaii crusier. It was sold after we bought our house. It was big and comfy but never ridden and always in the way. Wifes
    2) Access single speed with custom made chain tensioner. Used to be mine but my wife rides it. Thomson, Manitou, Race Face, MRP. It's fun but doesn't get ridden as much as it used to.
    3) Surley Karate Monkey 29'er SS. Fun little rigid bike with Avid hydro, Truvativ, Surley cartridge hubs and 2.3 WTB tires. Big and goes down hill fast.
    4) Novara Ponderosa My wifes shifting bike. XTR, XT and some LX. Z2 fork that won't die.
    5) Specialized M2 S works hardtail. My baby. SID race carbon, Race Face, Chris King, XTR, Easton. Won lots of races and taken it everywere. Will probably hand it down to my kids one day.
    6) Cannondale 1FG. ProDealed the frame and built it up with a Fox TALAS 90-130, Hydro brakes, chris King and Syncros. Best bike ever.
    7) Old Ross steel fixie. This frame keeps on braking on me so it's in the attic waiting for me to get a welder. It will live again. I commuted 5 days a week on this for almost 5 years. The parts lay in a box in the attic.
    8) Kona Haole. My wifes road bike. Sweet Easton frame, 10 speed Ultegra, Reynolds wheels and Truvativ crank.
    9) Novara Strada. Been through a lot. Fastest speed was 68 miles per hour on a caffeine induced rush. Ultegra double, Mavis Kysrium Elite, 9 speed, Chris King, Thomson.
    10)Some Felt (friends I was working on)
    11)Scott CR1 (another maintenance bike)
    12)Cannondale R5000. My speedster. 10 speed Dura Ace, FSA SLK crank, compact double, Thomson, Kysrium SL wheels.

    These keep my busy and somewhat healthy. We have a bigger garage now so they aren't as cramped.

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    Re: Post your bike collection

    Quote Originally Posted by 4x4mike
    The WCF is circa 1996 and some in 97.
    You're right, I was thinking it was two or three years newer than my '99, but now I recall that it's two or three years older.

    Considering Mike has some bike ownership experience, as evidenced above, I think I will just let him pick my next bike. :P

    The other three bikes at home include a Specialized Stumpjumper, a Trek 5200 road bike and a Bianchi Reparto Corse.

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    Re: Post your bike collection

    I was over at my sister in laws house and noticed she still has the WCF I gave her. I should check it over seeing as she's pulling a Burley trailer with my new niece in it.

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    Re: Post your bike collection

    I have a Trek OCLV mtb bike. I have owned it 10 years and rode it twice....
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