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Thread: LightForce 170 UY Give-a-way

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    LightForce 170 UY Give-a-way

    Sierra Expeditions is honored to be a sponsor of Ultimate Yota, in appreciation the members of Ultimate Yota, Sierra Expeditions is giving a way a set of 12v LightForce 170's!!

    [img width=800 height=519][/img]

    • Great 6.6" design
    • Variable focus with optional clip on filters
    • Lightweight for less vibration
    • Super strong polyamide hi-tech construction
    • Hi-impact polycarbonate lens
    • 12v 100 watt Xenophot long life bulbs
    • 350,000 candlepower output (approx.)
    • Twin Pack # Supplied with protective clear polycarbonate covers
    • Requires use of Lightforce driving light harness (not included)
    • Comes as a pair of lights with mounting hardware
    • 10mm mounting bolt

    OK, so how is this give-a-way going to work? Easy, post up in this thread a product (include link) from Sierra Expeditions that you would like Santa to leave for you under the tree this holiday season. (It's ok if you don't believe in Santa, this is just for fun). We ask that you please post why you would like that product and a valid link to the product. Following these guidelines will qualify you to be entered into the drawing... Ok a dang good post supporting Sierra Expeditions would work too. All eligible posts will be submitted in a Sierra Expeditions Beanie and drawn from the hat on the evening of December 15th 2008 in hopes that Santa's brown truck can deliver them to the winner in time for Christmas! This give away also follows all forum rules in addition to above.

    Good luck to all.

    Wil Kuhns<br />Sierra Expeditions <br /><br />The only regrets in life are the risks you didn&#039;t take.<br /><br />Mod Progress Gauge: [|||||||||-] = 90% Complete as of 03 FEB 2008. My Taco&#039;s Garage

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    Re: LightForce 170 UY Give-a-way

    ohhh ill be first, even though the first guy never wins!

    i want a safari snorkel! because they look sooo cool and then I wouldn't have to worry about hydrolocking my motor all the time! Wanted a snorkel on my vehicle since I was a little kid!

    thanks for the giveaway guys! hopefully lots of my holiday cash will go towards your website!
    2005 Lexus LX470 - Stock for now...

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    Re: LightForce 170 UY Give-a-way

    Okay, here it goes. Looking to get a winch when I get a chance. I'm limited to the type of winch that will fit by bumper but the most powerful one is the Warn 9.5XP. Anyone intersted, please feel free to get me one of these for Christmas. It doesn't even have to be gift wrapped.

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    Re: LightForce 170 UY Give-a-way

    Dear Santa,
    I would like a SPOT Satellite Personal Messenger specifically from Sierra Expeditions for Christmas. I'll be a new dad this next year which will mean I'll be out on the trail with a family. Last thing I'd want is to be stranded or hurt (dumbed down example of a life threatening situation) in the woods with no one to find us.

    Thanks for the chance.

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    Re: LightForce 170 UY Give-a-way

    A Warn M6000 winch would help me onto Santa's good list by letting me pull all the poor people who can't drive on snow out of ditches this winter. And since I'm not greedy, I don't need the biggest and baddest winch Warn makes. I'd, of course, redesign (again) my front bumper to accomodate any such lighting or winch which might appear and plaster all kinds of Sierra Expedition stickers on my ride to show proper appreciation of the nice people from Mesa Arizona
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    Re: LightForce 170 UY Give-a-way

    This year, I would Love if santa left me a Vlair OBA system
    It seems that everyone else has some sort of way of airing up after a run, And Im the only one that has to go to a gas station.
    Also a few of these would be nice

    99 Taco 2.7/ It&#39;s got stuff<br /><br />[quote author=troyboy162 link=topic=8256.msg78136#msg78136 date=1255335181]Toyota never built a rock brawlin/pimp have strayed from the intended use&nbsp; <br />[/quote]

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    Re: LightForce 170 UY Give-a-way

    Quote Originally Posted by Scuba
    Also a few of these would be nice

    I think you should be able to afford those, no problem!
    Wil Kuhns<br />Sierra Expeditions <br /><br />The only regrets in life are the risks you didn&#039;t take.<br /><br />Mod Progress Gauge: [|||||||||-] = 90% Complete as of 03 FEB 2008. My Taco&#039;s Garage

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    Re: LightForce 170 UY Give-a-way

    Dear Santa,
    This year has been really awesome.
    I have had so much fun with my friends and family and starting a new school that I don't know what else could make this Christmas extras special.
    I think I have been a really good boy, and if you think so too, it would be awesome if I got a ARB Tacoma/4Runner Winch Bull Bar under the Christmas Tree.
    Its Big and Black, and it goes on my truck, and it holds a winch and lights, and and and, its just so COOL!

    Thank you Santa!

    P.S. Tess really wants it too!
    P.S.S. Those Lights would look AWESOME on it too!!!
    Avdian (Avy, Avi, Av, Eddie are some nicknames)
    Tess - 97' 4Runner "Project Something Or Another"
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    Swordfish - 05' Camry 2.4 Auto

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    Re: LightForce 170 UY Give-a-way

    hands down, these 240 HID'z are bad azz

    94 4Runner, SR5 3.0V6, 4WD, 5spd: SOLD<br />99 4Runner, SR5, 3.4L 4WD, 5spd.&nbsp;&nbsp; full SS 1.2 lift, RedLine Fluids, Marline Shifter seat, BruceTS rear bumper, roof busket, Marlin 1200 Clutch, hitch mount tire carrier, Tundra brakes, Brembo rotors.&nbsp; Stubb&#039;s sliders, Lightforce 240, ARB Taco bar, BruceTS rear bumper, stainless steel skid plate.&nbsp; ScanGaugeII, Hankook AT 265/75 LC80 wheels.<br />04 4Runner, V6 SR5 4WD, 3rd Gen. LTD wheels, BFG AT 265/75, FJC coils and silver Bilstein shocks, Scion H/U.

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    Re: LightForce 170 UY Give-a-way

    I've been needing a winch for years now but being the poor college kid that I am, I can barely afford to put gas in my truck! I can think of many many occasions where one would have come in handy and would have saved hours of manual digging and using a come-a-long! It would be awesome if Santa brought one for Christmas...
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