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Thread: LightForce 170 UY Give-a-way

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    Re: LightForce 170 UY Give-a-way

    Dear Santa-

    I have been a really good boy this year....could you please give me the WAG Toilet Bag kit from Sierra would make my desert dumps so much easier.

    You can easily find it at their online store. Just follow this link..

    Thank you.
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    Re: LightForce 170 UY Give-a-way

    Quote Originally Posted by drguitarum2005
    I've been needing a winch for years now but being the poor college kid that I am, I can barely afford to put gas in my truck! I can think of many many occasions where one would have come in handy and would have saved hours of manual digging and using a come-a-long! It would be awesome if Santa brought one for Christmas...

    I can also think of a time it would have been useful....

    Dear Santa, I would also like youto give David his winch.
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    Re: LightForce 170 UY Give-a-way

    Dear santa I would like a winch, though have never needed one, they look cool. Speaking of cool it would be really nice to have this cooler.

    but if you can't get me the cooler, or the lights I'll just take one of these for my collection.


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    Re: LightForce 170 UY Give-a-way

    Dear Santa,

    I have been really good this year. I would like an Eezi-Awn Series 3 Rooftop T-top tent 1600, so I can fit the whole family. I know it is kind of a large present for just one person, but you can just consider it the whole family's gift and not get the kids or wife anything, as they will be using it as well.

    My other wish is the Engle MT45.

    If I have overstepped my bounds by asking for too big of items, please consider the No Loss Tire Caps. I have them on my 4runner and Vanna is very jealous of them.

    If you have any problems with this, just give the nice folks at SIERRA EXPEDITIONS, Wil and Wen a call @ (866) 507-4254

    Thank you!
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    Re: LightForce 170 UY Give-a-way

    Dear Santa,
    Paddlenbike would absolutely love to have a Vision 4" Xmitter LED bar from Sierra Expeditions for Christmas. I like to adorn my vehicle with lighting to make extended travel safer and more enjoyable and I like Sierra Expeditions because they sell high quality useable offroad equipment for adventure travelers, rather than selling truck bling that does nothing to enhance offroad capability.

    Thank you Santa!

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    Re: LightForce 170 UY Give-a-way

    Dear Santa,
    Sorry I cried on your lap every year until I turned 14...which is when I peed on your lap. My bad. I'm older and more mature now, so I choose to beg instead of cry. I'm begging for some sweet stuff from This is my last Christmas of getting presents before my daughter gets all the sweet loot, so I'd love to have a and if you were too heavily invested in Bear Stearns this year, I'd love a instead. Don't forget, there's in it for you at my place.


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    Re: LightForce 170 UY Give-a-way

    Dear Santa,

    Mastacox really, really wants to have a Lightforce Driving Light Wiring Harness and a set of LightForce 170 Striker Driving Lights. I have been a very good boy this year, but my poor 4Runner's terribly inadequate headlights need some friends to help them light the way on dark, lonely nights in the middle of nowehere. I promise to leave cookies and milk under the mantle for SierraExpeditions-Claus.

    Love, Mastacox


    An Extreme Outback Recovery Kit with Bag wouldn't be too shabby either, or a set of LightForce 170 Combo Filters to go with the lights
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    Re: LightForce 170 UY Give-a-way

    Dear Santa
    Neliconcept would love be able to have a Eezi awn 1200 from Sierra Expeditions, I am a PhotoG on training and need a basecamp setup, I hate sleeping in groundtents and have a hard time adapting to tempertures, a nice rooftop tent would help keep my body warm at night without the ground moisture getting through.

    thanks santa
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    Re: LightForce 170 UY Give-a-way

    Ill take the Vision X 35w HID, because I WOULD be the one who steps out of my truck and drops my good flashlight in the water.
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    Re: LightForce 170 UY Give-a-way

    dear Santa,
    mr dummbass would love to have this freezer fridge
    so when i camp with my four kids soon to be five(I'm not joking)they always have ice cream and daddy can have cold beer!!!!
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