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Thread: LightForce 170 UY Give-a-way

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    Re: LightForce 170 UY Give-a-way

    dear santa,
    I would love if you would leave a extremeaire 12volt air compressor from the fine folks at It would be great to be able to use this instead of having to go to a gas station.

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    Re: LightForce 170 UY Give-a-way

    Dear Santa...I'd love it if you left a pair of 4" Xmitter LED Bars under the tree. Sierra Expeditions Xmitter LEED Bar

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    Re: LightForce 170 UY Give-a-way

    Dear My Good Friend Santa,

    I have been a good boy this year - but the gods of employment haven't been friendly so I spend all my time now looking for a job to pay bills and can't afford new toys to indulge my hobbies. I hope you can help me out by delivering one of these to me - And if I am allowed to suggest - feel free to included a few packs of these

    It would make life so much easier because I am a skinny guy and don't have much of an arse to grab onto so I can spread my cheeks in the woods while balancing against a tree (or the rear tire of my truck). This would also allow my gf to join me on the trails and allow her to feel more comfortable releasing the excess fluids from drinking her favorite beverages at the party the night before!

    I am Your biggest fan for over 30 years even though my friends have become old farts and think they are santas to their kids - but I know the truth!
    <br />98 4Runner Limited<br />1999 Suzuki GSXR750 - Sold Apr/08

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    Re: LightForce 170 UY Give-a-way

    Dear Santa,
    please get my Dad the LightForce 170 so he can take me off roading at night. it makes him so sad when all the other dads get to take there kids out at night but we are stuck hanging around the campfire.

    just because you&#39;ve always done it that way doesn&#39;t mean it&#39;s not incredibly stupid.<br /><br />1999 4x4 SR5 4runner<br />;Itemid=26&amp;topic=1 081.0

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    Re: LightForce 170 UY Give-a-way

    Dear Santa,

    I would really like to have one of these for my 4Runner so I can run the LightForce 170 lights and the rest of my electronics with ease.
    <br /> Wayne W.<br />2000 4Runner SR5<br />3&quot; Revtek Lift, 265/70R17&#039;s<br />Doug Thorley/Jardine Cat-Back &amp; Injen Intake<br />Doug Thorley Headers<br />Eclipse Head Unit &amp; 2 Phoenix Gold 12&#039;s<br />w/Phoenix Gold 500.2 &amp; custom box

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    Re: LightForce 170 UY Give-a-way

    Dear Santa:
    My '81 Trekker's stock headlights are getting kind of old and don't work so well anymore and could really use a set of these
    to help guide Rudolph and his reindeer buddies to my house. I think you can pick them up at Those guys have all kind of cool gear that I would love to order sometime. A set of these tire tools: would be nice too. I hope all the guys at Sierra Expeditions have a great Christmas and a great wheeling season.
    5 Toyota trucks over 20 years...<br />&#039;81 Trekker

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    Re: LightForce 170 UY Give-a-way

    Dear Santa,

    I have been real good this year. For Christmas, I would like a Warn 9.5XP winch. You can get it from the good folks at Sierra Expeditions. They have great products at a great price.

    I want the winch so that I can hit the really nasty stuff on the trails, instead of avoiding it, like I have been doing for so long.

    I have wanted a winch for several years, but my daughter's college tuition had always taken priority.


    Bandit Runner

    P.S. If you could end world hunger and make peace on Earth, that would be cool too!

    Bandit Runner<br />2002 Sport Edition 4wd<br /><br />Mods:<br />SS 1.2 Lift, 1.5&quot; Body Lift, 315/75R16 Mickey Thompson MTZ&#39;s, Custom Front and Rear Bumpers and Skidplate, Custom Sliders, Eagle Alloy Wheels, Custom Snokel<br /><br />Next:&nbsp; Custom Belly Skid, Custom Roof Rack, Winch, 5.29 Gears, Locker?

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    Re: LightForce 170 UY Give-a-way

    Dear Santa,

    As you know my last 12 months have sucked royally. Nearly two years ago my wife was going thru hell at work with a terrible boss who was working her arse off. After several meetings which even I eventually had to be involved in, he would not desist with the conditions, so off to the lawyers we had to go. In short, $15,000 later we had her outta there but it was not a perfect exit. We won no compensation!

    Forward 12 months I discover the wife was having an affair. I really had no choice but to leave the house and have time to work out my options. I had also committed during this time, to go to Moab with some good friends. While there my front axle bracket broke, the CV popped and punched a hole in the sump, causing my truck to lose oil and we got to be stuck for two days on a trail out in Moab.

    So in time I resolved that the marriage was not savageable so I then had to rent an apartment and furnish it. My two kids came to live with me - the now "ex" living with her doctor friend in Malibu.

    Now on a single income (teachers salary!!!) with two kids, things have become a real struggle. No money for the truck, no money for wheeling. Actually there's enough money for gas for some trips but without a Warn Winch from you, I feel so insecure out on the trails.

    Please Santa, I've been real good. I work hard, care well for my kids but don't have much for myself. At this time of the year I think it would be really cool to bond with a few on my buddies on the trails and take time to de-stress and enjoy the outdoors we all love so much.

    So please Santa, a Warn Winch just like this for me and some extra lights to find my way (pun intended!) would be super cool.

    What's more, I'm real happy to promote your sideline company SIERRA EXPEDITIONS on my truck. Just send me some stickers (bigger is better) with the winch and lights and I'll git it done! I can even become the SIERRA EXPEDITIONS promo truck (or is that slay?)

    Thanks mate.
    Mark<br />04 4Runner SE, 17x9 MT ClassicLocks, 35&quot; BFG&#39;s, ARB lockers frnt and rear, 4.56 Gears, SW Sliders &amp; Bullbar, Smittybilt 10000lb winch, custom susp, 1.5&quot; 4Crawler BL, Kurt Trailing Arms, Cobra 75WXST CB radio, 4ft Firestick, Yaesu FT-7800 2m/70cm Ham Radio, Sat. Radio.

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    Re: LightForce 170 UY Give-a-way

    Dear Santa,

    I really really really want an air compressor from Sierra Expeditions . Having the ability to inflate my blow up dolls, I mean tires while on the trails would be awesome. Also, a few stickers for the old rig and my friends trucks would be awesome too.

    Thanks Santa!

    Keep it Gangster and Merry Christmas!
    -Ben<br /><br />;Itemid=26&amp;topic=2 171.0<br /><br />People are starvin in Africa, and that&#039;s just not very ballin to me!<br />[B]I&#039;m sorry officer, I uh.....I didn&#039;t know that I couldn&#039;t do that![B]

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    Re: LightForce 170 UY Give-a-way


    Great responses so far! Keep 'em coming! Winner will be announced on the evening of the 15th!!!
    Wil Kuhns<br />Sierra Expeditions <br /><br />The only regrets in life are the risks you didn&#039;t take.<br /><br />Mod Progress Gauge: [|||||||||-] = 90% Complete as of 03 FEB 2008. My Taco&#039;s Garage

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