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Thread: Some basic advice lift/general questions.

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    Some basic advice lift/general questions.

    so idont know were to start i want to keep the IFS for ride comfort i want like a 6in lift and fit 35's... but thats not going to happen cus im a . so will a 3in lift and do a 1in body lift fit 33x12.50 at fell flex while the wheel is turned with no rub

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    Re: Some basic advice lift/general questions.

    Welcome Jasen.

    If you are wanting help, it's usually a good idea to post up your vehicle information. Help us to have a starting point in trying to give you some advice on the best way to accomplish your goals for your rig. Good Luck man!
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    Re: Some basic advice lift/general questions.

    ya sounds like it might help well i drive a 88 pickup bone stock goals would be a streetable truck that i can hit the trails with without getting stuck ever 5 mins this is my first 4x4 and my DD if you guys can give info on what lift kits you recommened thanks

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    Re: Some basic advice lift/general questions.

    You can fit 33s with a 1" -1.5" torsion bar crank (or ball joint spacers), a 1" BL and slight pounding of the inner fender. Not much lift is needed for 33s. Generally, the consensus is the less lift the better so you don't roll the truck on the trail. However, there is something to be said about a little more ground clearance. 6" of lift is overkill

    Lockers will get you farther down the trail than any lift.

    Edit: I just saw your other thread where you said you are going to bob the bed. That changes things a little because that means you're more adventurous than the typical person who asks about 6" lifts. If you're trying to go cheap, then stick with 33s and a small lift. Bigger is more expensive so save up for a SAS.

    What else are you planning on doing to the truck?
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    Re: Some basic advice lift/general questions.

    lift, lockers and more power things a turd with your foot on the gas. mostly want to bob the bed because of the look it gives. i set steel so im vevy good with a cutting wheel, welder, and my brother works at a body shop. right now i just want to be bigger than some jeeps and when i learn how to dive offroad but a new DD and shoot of the stars.

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    Re: Some basic advice lift/general questions.

    If you are good with metal, there is always the no lift option. I'm running 35's with no lift up front, and about an inch overall in the rear.

    As already stated, your money is better spent on gears and lockers.

    I was running 33's last year on this same set up:

    Many many folks been where you have. I lifted it first, and found out that it sucked. Took the lift back out. Lifting the IFS is hard on the steering, as are 35's. If you go to the larger tire with the lift, go to the junk yard and get yourself some spares. And then carry the tools to change stuff. Also a good plan to learn how to change CV axles. Its quite easy with a few simple modifications.

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    Re: Some basic advice lift/general questions.

    Something else to consider: A SAS will almost for SURE ride better than beat old torsion bar IFS. Can't stand mine, and the ride quality blows.
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    Re: Some basic advice lift/general questions.

    the only upside to keeping the ifs is high speed off-road.. (which the stock setup is not very good for)... and the only way ifs is good for that is with a long travel setup (which is definitely a viable option...) a long travel with a 1-2" body lift will get you your 6" lift
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    Re: Some basic advice lift/general questions.

    axleike what all did you cut out to not rub. what lockers are good i dont want weld it we get a lot of snow. power what have you guys done to get more

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    Re: Some basic advice lift/general questions.

    first off, do you have a 22re or a 3vze?

    2nd, there are a lot of good options for lockers:
    -you can stay toyota and pick up an e-locker from a trd tacoma or 4runner with the option
    - you can go ARB air actuated lockers
    - you can get an auto-locker, which is what most of us have. I personally have an Aussie, several people on here have Lock-Rite, and Detroit is another good option

    I too am interested in what AxleIke cut out.
    - Kevin

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