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Thread: For Sale '86 - '95 4.56:1 front and rear differentials

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    For Sale '86 - '95 4.56:1 front and rear differentials

    $200 o.b.o. located near Allentown, PA (eastern PA) but I travel alot and might be able to meet anywhere in PA, MD or VA - 8" V6 rear diffential and 7.5" front diff with factory 4.56:1 gears. These were recently taken out of my truck when I regeared/e-locker swapped - I don't know the mileage on these but there was no noise when removed and the fluid was clean. '86-95 IFS trucks and 4Runners, and all '93-98 T100s use a 7.5" front diff that is offset to the passenger's side, the 8" diff can be found throughout the 80's and 90's. The axle ID code on the firewall of the vehicle these were originally taken out was G254.

    *Note* the rear diff does NOT have the hole for the ABS sensor

    Keith '88 4runner SR5 Garage Thread

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    I have an 89 sr5 3.0 4Runner automatic , if that rear diff will fit I'm interested

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    sorry, long gone. maybe 6 years gone
    Keith '88 4runner SR5 Garage Thread

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