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Thread: Decent BFG AT replacement?

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    Re: Decent BFG AT replacement?

    I would say BFG's. Worth the money and it seems the sidewalls will wear out from my wife curb hopping b4 the tread ever does.

    You get what you pay for I guess. I bought some Yokohama Geolanders for my Jeep and kick myself everytime I look at them. No traction and no life to them.

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    Re: Decent BFG AT replacement?

    I personally am not a fan of BFG, just have had the worst luck with them and I have tried every trick in the book to make them last or wear right and just never could.

    I have switch to a more beefier tired now that I have full confidence it but its not something you need.

    My suggestion and something hat is about 13 bucks cheaper then BFGs (according to is the General Grabber AT 2.

    I knew a few guys around school and around me running them and are pretty impressed with them.

    General Tire has come a long way and imho feel its a name we will be seeing a lot more of in the off-road world.

    That and the Grabber AT2 shares a very similar design with the AT KO.

    thatxs my .02 :-)
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    Re: Decent BFG AT replacement?

    As far as cheaper tires go, I have heard good things about the AT2, but never used them

    I personally have the GoodYear DuraTracs - They are AWESOME. They have amazing winter traction (they have the mountain/snowflake symbol meaning you don't need chains), wet roads feel almost the same as dry roads, and they have really good dry traction too. I can't speak to their wear, as I have <10k miles on them, but they arent showing any signs of wear except from wheeling (couple chunks from the tread blocks and scrapes in the sidewalls). TBH, I couldn't be happier with a tire for my 4runner.


    (FWIW i have 33x12.5r15 Load C, so slightly larger than what your looking at, but seems like it would just fit you even better because less sidewall to flex at all)
    - Kevin

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    Re: Decent BFG AT replacement?

    i replaced my bfg a/ts with bridgestone dueler a/t revo 2 tires back in april and they have been good. they are not as aggressive as the bfg a/ts, but i don't really need it. they ride a little smoother than the bfgs and still look cool IMO.

    however, i don't think they are much cheaper...

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    Re: Decent BFG AT replacement?

    Revo's are significantly more expensive than BFG ATs... closer to the price of BFG MTs..
    - Kevin

    97 Red Taco
    DD - 2002 Ducati 750SS ie

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    Re: Decent BFG AT replacement?

    oh you are right, sorry.

    I looked earlier on and thought it said they were cheaper but I must have read it wrong.

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    Goodyear Duratracs are good, I'm getting Goodyear Adventures (Kevlar) soon

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    Another +1 for general grabber at2. Have a set on my 4runner. Decent grip and the ride is better than bfgs. I had bfg many times before and I really like the a/t 2 tires.

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    My problem with the General Grabber tires is the red lettering.

    I'm about half way through my second set of BFG AT. Never let me down. I might move to MTRs next time.
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    I'm running SilentArmor's and they are quite nice. They don't really look that aggressive though, compared to BFG AT or DuraTrac's. They've been awesome for two seasons of snow though.

    Those new Goodyear Adventures w/ Kevlar look nice. I didn't even know about those..but they're new and I haven't looked recently so that makes sense.

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