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Thread: talk about spotting

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    talk about spotting

    i didnt find anything in search on the subject on these forums but found some links on google. First off I suck at spotting and thought maybe I should read about it. I ushualy cant help anyone unless I know where they want there tires. If they know where they want the tires then they really dont need too much spotting can get by with my lack of help basicly. I also never offer because people always blame the spotter for any mistakes they make. I dont really like any of the solutions in these links either, but they are a starting point

    the only thing was the yellow stick method sounded great but impractical. Steve ushualy needs to know the angle of the tires and i cant convey that very well.

    Ive tried self spotting by dripping water on key spots in a line prior to driving it. that works well in a pinch.

    anyone got anything that really works well for them? the other thing i thought about is even if you figure out a system that you likly couldnt use the same system for Steve at the hammers and also a noob on john bull.

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    Re: talk about spotting

    IMO, the driver needs to trust, the spotter, and the guy that wants to spot, cant be offended if the driver ask`s someone else to spot him.
    The more tech the obstical, both the driver and spotter need to get out and walk the line the driver wants to take.

    Both driver and spotter need to be very clear, and the hand signals that will be used.

    Everyone needs to shut up, lol if everyone is yelling directions, it can confuse the driver.

    The spotter should have the same type rig, this way he knows the width and length of the rig and hows its going to track.

    What Ive to be the hardest part of spotting, is having a driver that will not follow direction, as they cant see what the spotter can. lol

    To write everything down, would take me forever, lol heres what I found doing a quick search:

    This will get the ball rolling to chat about it
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    Re: talk about spotting

    Here in the southeast, we pretty much use the same system, and it looks very similar to a ground controller at the airport. It might be one arm up in the air, or it might be both, it becomes a point, and the more times they point the further you turn, normally an open hand is keep coming and a closed fist is hold up. You have to be careful who you let spot you though, because you have to know your spotter, and know that they can control the situation and have a pretty good idea what lines work for different capabilities of vehicles.
    I'll search around here in a bit (got some wedding stuff to do first) I am sure one of the videos we have around here has the spotter standing in it.

    Ric posted while I was typing, and I have read his reply and agree with a lot of what he says. I decided to leave my post unedited though, even though we cover a couple of the same points.
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    Re: talk about spotting

    If I could, I'd train everyone to use the same method we used in the Marines to guide our AAV's. It works awesome and you don't have to be able to hear the spotter, only see his two hands. It also works well if you need two spotters, since the one with the best view of the line, might not be able to be seen by the driver. It's similar to guiding an airplane. I'll see if I can find any info on it, but the only problem is that it only works if everyone involved knows the system. For example, we could tow or push two AAV's and park them on a dime in between 2 things with inches to spare. But when we would splash and get on ship, the navy dudes in charge of parking us until the welldeck was unflooded, would have us going all over the place and hitting crap because they would get confused easily.
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    Re: talk about spotting

    lol,, I was just faster than you (for once) lol
    It did take me about 2 years to feel comfortable to spot someone, and it was a fairly easy obstical.

    I did watch alot, ask questions, and watched more, one thing we joke about, do not let someone spot you that his rig is all beat to hell

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    Re: talk about spotting

    and for the very few times the spotter can not see the driver, a few have bought hand held CBs, and we have used these a few times and works out AWESOME.
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    Re: talk about spotting

    also, don't let Mikey aka wifeythinksimadumbass spot for you
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    Re: talk about spotting

    Quote Originally Posted by slosurfer
    also, don't let Mikey aka wifeythinksimadumbass spot for you
    my front passenger door agrees!

    for picking their line, i always try to choose what will keep them most level, away from the door killers and something they are comfortable with.

    you put alot of trust in your spotter at times, so listen to someone whom you trust. ive made that mistake once, and my rear door paid the price. i trusted mikey, but i could actually see better than he could. he thought i was on my slider, i knew i was on my door. i knew better but listened anyway...

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    Re: talk about spotting

    heres a pic of a great example of trusting your spotter.
    I felt the ass end getting VERY light, lol but notice what Im looking at, my spotter
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    Re: talk about spotting

    Quote Originally Posted by slosurfer
    also, don't let Mikey aka wifeythinksimadumbass spot for you
    i 3rd that
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