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Thread: Got a new mtb!

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    Re: Got a new mtb!

    nice lookin bike! Specialized RockHoppers are good hard tails.

    and about the gears vs single speed debate.. I added gears to my factory single speed :P granted i only added rear gears, so i have a 9 speed.. sooo much nicer for trails
    - Kevin

    97 Red Taco
    DD - 2002 Ducati 750SS ie

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    Re: Got a new mtb!

    Cool bike, congrats!
    2001 Toyota 4Runner SR5 4-Dub<br />TRD supercharger,&nbsp; Toytec Coilovers, OME 890&#39;s, 285 Duratracs

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    Re: Got a new mtb!


    I just installed a rear blinking led light and front light too and went for a nice night ride after dusk and it was awesome, albeit a bit scary since i haven't done that in years!
    2013 BMW X6 50i

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    Re: Got a new mtb!

    I really need to take my Diamondback out for a trail ride, it's been sitting too much this summer! I really wish I had a shed to keep it in, no where on this campus to keep it safe from the elements.
    [b] -Bekah <br />.=. It&#39;s not the fall that hurts, it&#39;s that stop at the end .=.

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    Re: Got a new mtb!

    next mods - ditch the reflectors and get some clip in pedals!

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    Re: Got a new mtb!

    Crank Bros FTW! *Wanna see some cool eggbeater scars..LOL. Still better IMHO than Shimano's.

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    Re: Got a new mtb!

    LOL... yeah I have egg beaters on 2 MTB's and my 'cross bike - luckily I've managed to avoid any bites so far!

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    Re: Got a new mtb!

    They aren't bites, they're badges of courage and honor courtesy of Downieville and my set of Mallets.

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    Re: Got a new mtb!

    I perfer Shimano for road and mountain. I've got XTR (SPD), Dura Ace and Ultegra (SPD-sl) on my road and mountain bikes. It's all a personal preference. I've tried just about every pedal out there in the past 15 years and have stuck with Shimano.

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