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Thread: Did the Neo-Luddite just Sell Out?

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    Did the Neo-Luddite just Sell Out?

    I have two things* now changed on my main goto singlespeed, I picked up the new Fox831 for some better playtime and reliability instead of the TALAS, which will either go up for sale soon or onto the other ss..Then I sold out worse, got an iPhone3gs, and installed Abvio so I can start tracking the rides, caloric burn, etc-etc. I'm also thinking of using the baby and trailer for resistance training too!

    I'll be over in the corner hiding my shame with my head held down, avoiding eye contact.

    Bash or support away.

    "Back in the Day"

    ~Just before I was hit while driving in my car by another driver, well within 15lbs of fighting weight.
    Fully rigid lime green SingleSpeed Surly 1x1

    Pumping the doubles on the black Surly 1x1 playbike w/ the TALAS on it.

    First ride since the doctor released me to begin trying to get back in shape and not hurt my back worse.
    [img width=800 height=457][/img]

    *Technically 3 things, to mount the trailer I modded the Burly Hitch to work on my bike: Modding a Burly Mount: Slide-Show

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    Re: Did the Neo-Luddite just Sell Out?

    No sell out. I've got a TALAS on my 1FG, run Strava on my Android phone and sport a Chariot CX2 any of the bikes in my garage. Welcome to the club.

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    Re: Did the Neo-Luddite just Sell Out?

    Thanks man. the 831 Fork is such a sweet replacement for me. The TALAS is always at 100mm so I never really played around much with it, it's pretty much set and forget. With the 831 and fixing the amount of oil used in the newer FIT lowers it's even better, same dials, but when I use it for play and pump track time it blows away the TALAS easily.

    Here's tonight's info.
    Nothing too impressive, I shortened the ride b/c honestly it hurt too much trying to climb after the 8-9 month layover.

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    Re: Did the Neo-Luddite just Sell Out?

    I might have to check out that 831. My TALAS choppers out my SS and makes it squirrely on flats and climbing. 130mm is for decending and like you I'm around 100. I got a great pro deal on it so that's why I have it. Have you ridden much with a garmin edge? They are great because you get so much data. I upload to strava (use the phone app too), garmin connect amd map my ride. All upload quick if not instantly and are fun to play with.

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    Re: Did the Neo-Luddite just Sell Out?

    Meh, that'd be too much jibbidy-jabba tech for me. I like it as simple as possible. Besides, I'm fine reading this..

    Here's my splits:
    Mile 1 - Average 11.09 miles/h

    Mile 2 - Average 9.71 miles/h

    Mile 3 - Average 10.39 miles/h

    Mile 4 - Average 9.28 miles/h

    Mile 5 - Average 9.37 miles/h

    Mile 6 - Average 10.62 miles/h

    Mile 7 - Average 11.06 miles/h

    Mile 8 - Average 9.30 miles/h
    As for the 831, I gotta say, aside from having to add 10cc's to the air side lowers and 20cc's to the damper side lowers, it's been a flawless fork for what little time I've had on it. Way better than the TALAS, and I can go up a little in travel by opening it up if need be. The only thing I didn't buy into was the KASHIMA bit, I'm fine w/ my standard lowers, the TALAS had it and is over 3 years old and the only difference is it has a tiny rock nick. The reason it's so hyped IMHO is there's a little stanchion stick like Marzocchi's w/ the new seals and setup, which IMHO is just fine. It'll seal up better and take a little longer to bed-in is all. Besides, it was my grad gift from my Father, even though pro-formed.

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    Re: Did the Neo-Luddite just Sell Out?

    For the iPhone users to get the screenshot above just click both the home button and the power button together. Don't hold them down, just click together like you would a camera button.

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    Re: Did the Neo-Luddite just Sell Out?

    Went out tonight and just hammered down the fireroad with my "resistance" attached. Legs are coming back and although it was a weird day I did ok. FWIW I think that my having a quick carb session helped out.
    "Dusk Patrol Spin". Rode all the way out the A.C.T. to the shoreline. Not too shabby for a singlespeed running 32:17.
    A.C.T. Trail Training Intervals Map *Switch it into satellite mode for a better view.

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